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BAP Water Treatment has the water and industrial wastewater treatment system and equipment you need. Industrial wastewater treatment systems include Dissolved Air Flotations Clarifiers (DAF), Inclined Plate Clarifier, Ion Exchange Filtration System, Reverse Osmosis water filtration, filter press, gravity clarifier, media filters and more.

Rely on the BAP service group for design, technology and service. Our water treatment chemical company has experienced water specialists who can evaluate, install and maintain wastewater treatment systems to work for you.

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Complete Water Treatment Systems

Design, build and installation of complete water treatment system for wastewater treatment and recycle & reuse. Capability for providing wastewater treatment systems for primary and secondary wastewater treatment and recycle & reuse.

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF)

Raw water, fats, oils & grease (FOG), secondary biosolids, mineral separation, pulp & paper save-all, paint industrial water treatment equipment and systems. Dissolved Air Flotation System Technical Bulletin.

Nano Filtration

Nano Filtration for process separation, pure water, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Food processing, automotive, metal finishing, coating, pharmaceutical, chemical, power generation and pulp & paper processing.

Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC)

Inclined plate clarifier system for raw water, heavy metals, sand & gravel. Inclined Plate Clarifier Technical Bulletin.

Gravity Clarifier

Gravity clarifier wastewater filter press for industrial raw water, heavy metal removal, sand & gravel, secondary biosolids. Gravity Clarifier Technical Bulletin.

Filter Press

Wastewater solids dewatering, pigment separation, chemical separation. Filter Press System Technical Bulletin.

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter (RDVF)

Wastewater solids dewatering, pigment separation and chemical separation. RDVF System Product Bulletin.

Rotary Fan Presses

Prime Solutions Rotary Fan Press for dewatering sludge, pulp & paper, mining and pigment and chemical separation.

Screw Presses

Screw Presses for Food Processing, Pulp & Paper, Plastic Recycling and Sludge Dewatering.


Plastic, fiberglass, mild & stainless steel, glass-lined wastewater treatment tanks.


Chemical feed pumps for wastewater treatment, transfer, sludge, plus other media.

Pressure Filters

Cartridge, Media, Bag and Activated Carbon filters for process separation, raw water, water recycle and wastewater treatment.


Sand, multi-media, activated carbon and organo-clay.

Cartridge Filters

Qualitative and absolute for pure water and process applications.

Controllers & PLC

Control systems including PLC, control panels, pH, ORP and conductivity controllers.

Chemical Feed & Control

Chemical Feed & Control components and systems for a variety of chemical feed systems.


Gas fired and electric evaporators for process and wastewater applications.

Sludge Dryers

Steam, gas and electric sludge dryers to increase solids.

Micro & Ultra Filtration

Micro and Ultra Filtration for process separation, pure water, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Micro/Ultra Filtration Systems Technical Bulletin.

Belt Press

Belt filter presses.

Evaporator Systems

Evaporator systems to reduce industrial wastewater volumes. Aries Evaporator Systems Technical Bulletin.


Mechanical mixers designed for dry and liquid mixing applications. Mechanical mixers for process and water treatment.

Storage Tanks

Steel, fiberglass and plastic storage tanks for liquids, slurries and sludge. Tanks designed for hazardous and non- hazardous chemicals.


Ultraviolet systems for disinfection used in pure water, wastewater and water recycling systems.

Reverse Osmosis

Raw water treatment and pretreatment before demineralization. Process and industrial wastewater recycle systems. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technical Bulletin.

Ion Exchange Filtration

Ion exchange filtration systems, resin and equipment for softening, demineralization, plating bath regeneration, pure water, chemical processing, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Ion Exchange Systems Technical Bulletin.

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